Wednesday night dance at Camp Champions

We recently dropped our oldest daughter off at college. She attended Camp Champions for 10 years. She and I both agree that the best preparation for college for both parents and kids is attending camp. Her transition to a roommate and dorm life has been VERY smooth. For us parents, we looked at the 4 week time span between drop off and parents’ weekend as just a longer camp term. We had done it for 10 summers so the college drop off just felt like an indoor/academic version of camp!

Parent, Maryland

I like that my children love to be there. I love the way the kids interact with each other and truly care for one another. One day, a parent teased my son about his florescent tank top and he responded with “This is a camp shirt. We don’t judge at camp!” What an amazing and happy environment to be in!

Parent, Houston

This was my son’s first year at Camp Champions and he absolutely LOVED everything about it. I am super impressed with the involvement of the directors – they are obviously not sitting in the office all day, but a real part of the camp atmosphere. I can tell that my son learned some great lessons at camp and he enjoyed the activities at night, talks from Steve, etc.

Parent, Fort Worth

It allowed my daughter the opportunity to grow and learn in an environment where she could just be whomever she wanted to be. Seeing the joy on her face in the pictures and when we picked her up was priceless. THANK YOU!

Parent, Austin

I love that my daughters, who are very different people, each find something to love about camp. One loves the constant rush of people, singing, dancing, etc. The other loves the independence gained each year and the physical challenge. I love that it makes the more confident and compassionate individuals and teaches them what it means to be a part of a group. Sleeping in a cabin with 12 kids is not easy, but what better way to prepare for college dorm rooms!

Parent, Dallas

First and most importantly, my son had lots of fun and made new friends. He also gained confidence in his swimming abilities by being able to do the kilometer swim. He was full of good stories about great camp experiences. As a parent, I think you do an excellent job of communicating to parents the “whys” of what happens at Champions — it all feels very intentional and designed to help our kids grow into better people (while still having a good time).

Parent, Austin

The respect that was shown among everybody at camp was very inspiring. I loved how the nurses really cared about my daughter’s health. They gave me some health pointers for next year. I absolutely loved how you teach the campers to be responsible.

Parent, Houston

I love the quality of the staff! I really feel like everyone cared for my daughter deeply, and wanted her to succeed. I also love the quality of the activities, and the philosophy of reasonable risk taking. Finally, the emphasis on providing a safe environment made me feel more relaxed.

Parent, Austin

My son came back from camp as a confident, responsible, non-argumentative young man – I could not believe the changes in him. It was also nice for him to learn how to trust himself and others. I also enjoyed the break from him as well! Awesome experience for everyone.

Parent, Austin

It is tremendously gratifying to know that the kids are in a place where they can take risks and succeed or fail in safe environment. Our kids grow so much emotionally when they are away at camp. Camp is where they can be genuinely who they are. Sometimes that is hard in a middle/high school environment.

Parent, Mexico


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Camp Champions is a boys and girls summer camp for children ages 5-18 located in the Hill Country of Central Texas.

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