Helping 1st Time Families

How do we make your first summer at camp incredible?

Camp Champions takes a unique approach to welcoming new campers and their families into our community. Every summer, new campers from a variety of backgrounds and interests arrive at Camp Champions. To make this transition into camp life smoother and more rewarding, we implement many practices that help new campers and families adjust to the unforgettable camp experience ahead.

Camp Champions is one of the only camps with a full-time Director of New Campers who is devoted to first time families. Kate Hutson, our Director of New Campers, dedicates her time to communicating with first time campers and parents, understanding your goals for your camper’s first summer at camp, and helping your child have the smoothest and best possible transition into camp life.

We’re committed to making your first summer at camp an excellent one!

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How We Partner With Parents

3 things Champions does for new families

Pre-camp Communication

We have events, learn about your child, and talk through goals before campers arrive.

Pre-Camp Communication

New Camper Specialists

We have a team of experienced counselors dedicated solely to first time campers.

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Parent & Camper FAQ’s


You might have a ton of questions about camp. There is a lot to learn!