Parent Guides & FAQs

Other Documents and Insurance Information, including for International Families:

(Travel insurance is not required, but many families have asked us for information so that they may make a decision. Any questions can be directed to D’Ann Miller at .)

Contacting Camp

We keep a special after-hours emergency phone. A senior staff member monitors this phone each night for emergency parent phone calls. Please call this direct line ONLY in an urgent emergency: 512-755-5378


The Eagle’s Nest, named in 1967 by our first nurse, Nurse Bird, is open from 7:30 am to 10 pm every day and after hours for urgent care. If you need to contact the Eagle’s Nest, please dial the main phone number 830- 598-2571 extension 222 or 220. Please note, it is highly likely that you will need to leave a message for the nurses. “The Nest” is a popular place and the nurses are frequently busy treating all the minor cuts and scrapes that happen at camp. Please understand that our top priority is the health and safety of our campers, and our resources are devoted to serving them when they need care. If you have an emergency and are unable to immediately contact the camp nurse, please call the camp emergency number at 512-755-5378.


Camp News and Photos

Steve Sir and Susie Ma’am take great delight in sharing camp with you in their daily blogs, which can be found here or under our Current Families section of the website. They’ll also share important research and news articles on youth development.


Photos can be found on your CAMPINTOUCH account homepage under ‘Online Community’ and ‘Photos’. They are divided into “Sirs” and “Ma’ams” (boys and girls), although we encourage you to look at all the photos to see what’s happening at camp. Expect to see your child every 3 days. If you’ve got a shy shutterbug, call us and we’ll make a special effort to find him/her with the camera. We will take pictures during each day of camp and upload them to our website. You can order photos of your camper through CampMinder for $1.00 each.


In 2016, Camp Champions launched an ambitious project to celebrate our “Golden Oldies,” campers who attend six summers of camp. Every Golden Oldie receives a beautiful, photo memory book with photos from their six years at Camp Champions. Every book will include a group photo with your child’s cabin-mates and counselors for each of the six summers. The remaining photos can be personalized with selections from your “favorited” photos in your camper’s CAMPINTOUCH profile. If there are no favorites in your camper’s profile, your Golden Oldie book will contain general photos that celebrate all the fun of each term. Even a few personalized photos can make a book special, so we strongly recommend that you (and your camper) take a little time to choose your favorites. If you choose favorites every year, by the time your camper is a Golden Oldie, we’ll have a large selection to choose from that reflects all the years at Camp Champions.


Communicating with your Camper

Email: In your CampMinder account, you can purchase camp stamps. Scroll down until you see the heading “Your Account" to see the balance. You can also give stamps to your guests through guest accounts. If you have multiple campers, you can send the same email by clicking all names. If you want to write separate emails, just select one camper’s name at a time. We print emails daily at 11am in order to deliver the letters to your camper by lunch.

Snail Mail: Campers love mail! At the same time, parents agonize when they don’t get letters in return from their children – just remember that radio silence often means your child is having a blast and simply too busy to think of writing home. Don’t be discouraged and keep writing – they are always overjoyed to receive your letters! Camp will provide special postcards for all of our campers to fill out on a weekly basis to send to their families. We will be addressing these postcards to the guardian household. Please remember to send extra stamps with your children. We want great communication between our campers and their families during camp. Though you won’t be able to call or visit your campers during their stay, we DO encourage you to write! You can mail them to your camper here at camp, or you can drop off pre-written letters to your campers on Opening Day. Just make sure to write their cabin number on the envelope and the date you would like for your camper to receive them. For many campers, particularly younger campers, we recommend packing pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelopes to make letter writing as easy as possible. Please remember that U.S. mail can take 3-4 business days to arrive once it leaves camp. Here’s how to address a letter to your camper:

Camper First Name & Last Name. Cabin_____
Camp Champions
775 Camp Rd.
Marble Falls, TX 78654


Package Policy: Camp is a gift in itself. Camp Champions has a no package policy. Any large envelope (anything larger than a standard sized envelope) is considered a package and will be returned to sender. Envelopes containing anything other than the letter (e.g. a piece of gum) is also considered a package and will be returned. Please communicate this policy with friends and family who might be planning to send packages.

We do make an exception for birthday packages. Birthdays only come once a year and many kids love to celebrate them at camp. Birthday packages should be marked clearly as such and will be delivered on the big day.


If your camper has a birthday during their camp session, you may drop off a birthday package for them on Opening Day of camp. Please clearly label the package with “Birthday,” your camper’s name, and birth date. We will make sure the package is delivered to your camper on his or her birthday!



Most camp families bring their children to camp by car on Opening Day. Our address is 775 Camp Road, Marble Falls, TX 78654. For driving directions, click here .


Domestic Flights: If you need to arrange airline transportation for your child, you are required to fill out our Transportation form under the Forms and Documents tab at least 30 days prior to your camper’s session start date. This timeline is very important so that we can arrange a member of the camp staff to pick your child up from the airport. Please arrange all flights into Austin International Airport or the San Antonio Airport and try to arrive between 11am and 1pm on Opening Day of your camper’s term. We will provide transportation from the Austin airport for $100, and $150 from the San Antonio airport. Return transportation is the same fee.

International Flights: If your camper is flying internationally, pick up from the airport will be $100/$150 depending on the airport and drop off will be $150/$200. This charge is more than the pickup price because campers flying internationally will need to be at the airport earlier than if they were flying domestically. We will need your camper’s flight information filled out on the Transportation Form at least 30 days prior to your camper’s session start date.


We offer trip insurance through Hibbs-Hallmark & Co Insurance Agency. If you are interested in purchasing trip insurance for your camper’s term, please contact D’Ann Miller at .


Opening and Closing Day

For campers finishing 8th grade and younger, we open our gates on Sunday at 2 pm! We will have families arrive in shifts starting with our youngest campers. If your account is incomplete, you will be sent to our help area.


For campers finishing 9th grade and older, you should arrive at 11 am. Senior Campers will meet their counselors/mentors, receive their uniforms, and attend an orientation session. They will help with Opening Day for the rest of camp at 2 pm.

If you have younger campers, you can drop them off when you drop off your Senior Camper(s). Your younger camper will meet their counselors and be there to greet their new cabin mates.


On opening day, you will be ushered into a stall on our baseball field. One of our leadership members will greet your car and welcome you to camp. You will receive your camper(s) cabin assignment(s) UNLESS your account is incomplete. If your account is incomplete, you will be sent to the help area and will receive the cabin assignment there.

If your camper has medication, please make sure all of their medications have been entered in CAMPINTOUCH. Please have the medications in a Ziploc bag with your camper’s name clearly labeled. The leadership member greeting your car will collect all medications. If you have pre-written letters for your campers or birthday packages, these will be collected at drop off.

A group of Senior Campers will help unload your camper’s luggage and move it to their cabin marker. Please make sure everything is labeled with your camper’s name so we can make sure it gets to their cabin. Your camper will be escorted by a Senior Camper to meet their counselor and cabin mates. Please make sure your camper has a water bottle with them in the car. We are able to get their luggage to their cabins quickly; however, we want to make sure they are able to stay hydrated while waiting for their things to arrive.

Your camper will begin bonding with their cabin mates by playing ice breakers and getting to know everyone in their cabin. They will set up their bunks once their luggage arrives to the cabin. During Opening Day, they will take a cabin photo, an individual photo, and a photo with their counselor.


Coffee/donut table: Before the Closing Day Ceremony, please join Susie Ma’am, Steve Sir, and camp leadership for coffee and donuts at the Green Tent. Camp gates will open at 9:00 am on Closing Day, so feel free to come by and say hi.

Closing Day Ceremony: Closing Day Ceremony will begin at 10:00 am. The ceremony is a peek inside the life of Camp Champions, with traditions, songs, and recognition of awards.

Meet your child’s counselors: After Closing Day Ceremony, you will be reunited with your camper, stop by their cabin, talk to the counselors, and shop at Kneeman Markus one last time. You can also register for next summer with Early-Bird Pricing (same price as the previous summer)! We will have signs around camp so you know your way around – or your camper(s) will show you where to go.


If you didn’t find the answer to your question above, please pick up the phone and call us at (830) 598-2571 or email . Or:

Click here if you have a question!