What You Will Do

Being a summer camp counselor is a BIG deal. It’s important you think about what you’re getting into. The duties listed below aren’t the only duties you will perform—some may be assigned while others may not—we call it “being flexible!”

Helping Campers Grow

Camp is about more than just YOU. Your cabin is your family! So…

  1. You’ll take primary responsibility for the health, well-being, and happiness of your campers.
  2. You’ll recognize and respond to opportunities for problem-solving in your cabin.
  3. You’ll provide opportunities for each child in your cabin to experience success.
  4. You’ll help your campers learn to communicate clearly and solve problems independently.
  5. You’ll set a good example for campers in all things, including cleanliness, punctuality, clean-up and chores, sportsmanship, and table manners.
  6. You’ll model respectful behavior towards people and property for your campers.

Our Camp Program

Activities and routine are essential at camp! So…

  1. You’ll live in a cabin with 10-12 campers and 1-2 co-counselors.
  2. You’ll guide your cabin and individual campers in participating successfully in camp activities.
  3. You’ll carry out supervising camper health and hygiene.
  4. You’ll enforce camp safety policies and procedures.
  5. You’ll supervise all aspects of your campers’ day including morning wake-up, cabin inspection, meal times, rest hour, evening activities, getting ready for bed, and after-hours duties as assigned.
  6. You’ll communicate actively with parents of your campers. We consider ourselves “partners in the parenting process” and you’ll be on the front-line of this commitment.
  7. You’ll instruct campers in emergency procedures such as fire drills, etc.
  8. You’ll assist in teaching or leading three morning and three afternoon activities of each 50 minutes in length.
  9. You’ll make sure campers write home at least once a week.

More Than Just Paperwork

Administrative stuff helps us all keep camp organized! So…

  1. You’ll prepare for, and actively participate in, counselor training and staff meetings.
  2. You’ll meet regularly with your Division Leader to let him/her know how things are going in the cabin.
  3. You’ll update parents via phone during the first week of each term to let them know how their kids are doing.
  4. You’ll submit all required paperwork and reports on time.
  5. You’ll follow camp rules and regulations on smoking, alcohol use and drug use.
  6. You’ll manage personal time off in accordance with camp policy.