2018 Summer Leadership Team!

Girls Side

MINIS – Rebecca Foreman: Hi! My name is Rebecca Ma’am and I am from Houston, TX. I am just finishing up my final year at Washington University in St. Louis, where I’ve studied Chemistry and Children’s Studies. I plan to go to medical school in 2017. In the meantime, I will work with Americorps, tutoring in New York City public schools. But for now I am just excited to spend all summer with the Minis, singing Frozen songs and making spas. I can’t wait for summer!

MIDIS – Allison ‘AC’ Asarch: Hello! My name is Allison Asarch, but at camp I go by “AC Ma’am.” I’ve been coming to camp since I was 8 years old, so this is my 13th summer. During the year I am a Creative Writing major with a Music minor at Otterbein University in Ohio. My favorite aspect of camp is how we treat everyone like family, like when I see camp people, we can pick right back up where we left off. This summer I am fortunate enough to be the Midi Division Leader, and I am so excited to get to know the new campers!

MAXIS – Emily Alderson: My name is Emily Alderson and I’M JUST EXCITED! For one thing, I’m excited to be going into my senior year this fall at the University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner). I’m also excited about studying MATH! YES! MATH! But what am I reallyyy excited about? Well… getting to serve as your summer 2016 Maxi Division Leader, of course! My first step on camp was into Cabin 3 in Maxi Village. So this feels like I’m finally coming home. And I hope many of you feel the same way soon. So again, I’M JUST EXCITED to meet new campers, see returners, and be at camp again!

SENIOR CAMPERS – Lauren Gillott: Hey y’all! My name is Lauren Gillott and I’m excited to return for my twelfth year at camp. It’s my first year on leadership and I’m thrilled to be the Girls’ Senior Camper Division Leader. I’m just finished up my BSc in Natural Sciences from Durham University in the UK where I will also complete a MSc in Technology Enhanced Learning next year. I spend lots of my time there playing basketball and water polo and traveling as much as I can. I can’t wait to work alongside this amazing leadership team and fantastic campers this summer!

Boys Side

ROOKIES – Alex Chibante: Bonjour! My name is Alejandro Chibante (aka Chibby Sir) and I have the pleasure of serving as the 2016 Rookie Division Leader. I attended St. Thomas University and received a Bachelor’s in Criminology. In my years as a counselor, I’ve opted to work with Rookies all summer, every summer! While their sheer energy and untamable whimsy is not for every counselor, I absolutely love this age group. Rookies represent the heart and soul of camp: fun and wacky!

LETTERMEN – Ismael Salgado: Hey everyone! My name is Ismael Salgado, but at camp I go by Ish Sir. I was born and raised in Austin, but by the time I am at camp I will have graduated from Wake Forest University located in Winston-Salem, NC. This will be my fourth year at Camp Champions and I am excited to be representing the Letterman division this year as Division Leader! I cannot wait to see all of the new and returning campers that will be coming through the spur this summer. I will always be up for a game of basketball, and you will often see me with a frisbee in my hand. If you ever want to play, don’t hesitate to ask!

AQUANAUTS – Andrew Kenny: Hi everyone, my name is Andy and this will be my second summer at Camp Champions! I am from Belfast, Northern Ireland, but I currently go to school at the University of Wales where I am studying Outdoor and Adventurous Education. This year, I will be moving into my new role as the Aquanaut Division Leader. I am really excited to be back at camp and to have the opportunity to get to know all the campers in the Aquanaut division!

SENIOR CAMPERS – Jeffrey Dubrof: My name is Jeff Dubrof and I am from San Antonio, TX. During the school year, I attend the University of Southern California, where I am majoring in Broadcast Journalism. This will be my 13th summer at Camp Champions and my first on the leadership team, after spending the last two summers as a counselor. I’ve made so many amazing friends over my time at camp, and it has truly made an enormous impact on my life. I look forward to meeting all of you for what I’m sure will be an incredible summer!

Activity Department Heads

WATERFRONT – Connor Bay: My name is Connor Bay and this will be my second year working at camp, and my first year as the Head of Waterfront. I’m from the United Kingdom, I am studying at St Mary’s University in London for a degree in Physical and Sports Education. I am really excited to be back on the beautiful Camp Champions waterfront helping all of you fulfill your inner champion while having loads of fun! See you soon!

WATERFRONT – Michael Burch: My name is Michael Burch, and I am incredibly excited to be back for the summer of 2016. I’ve been able to call Camp Champions my home away from home since the summer of 1999 when I started camp as a young rookie, and I’ve spent at least a portion of every summer here since then. This will be my 17th summer at camp, and I know that summer 17 will be the best one yet. During the year, I live in Austin and work as a US history teacher at Jack C. Hays High School. Camp has had such a profound impact on my life, and I’m very grateful that I get to play a role in camp making an impact on your child.

OUTDOORS – Carlen Long: My name is Carlen Long, and I am thrilled to be back for my 16th summer at camp and my fourth summer as a Department Head. I’m originally from Austin, Texas. After graduating with a BA in Psychology and Biology from Pomona College in May 2015, I began a year-round position at Camp Champions working in the camp office and learning how we put on the magic show that is summer camp. I can’t wait to share the some of the campiest parts of camp – archery, rock climbing, horseback, riflery, and more – with all of our campers this summer. I love camp for the community we create and confidence and independence that kids learn.

ROPES – Austin Pratt: Hello everyone, my name is Austin Pratt! I’m from Dallas, but during the year I live in New Orleans, where I study Finance, Management, and Public Health at Tulane University. This will be my 14th summer at camp, and my first on the Leadership team. During the summer, I can usually be found at the rock wall, the Pirate Ship, or the brand new Texas Two Step Tower. My favorite thing about camp is that it allows you to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. I can’t wait to see everyone this summer!

HORSEBACK – Sarah Brown:

FINE ARTS – Torie Thoendel: My name is Torie Ma’am and this is my 3rd summer at Camp Champions. The last few years I have been working as the Ropes Head each summer and as a Director for The Outdoor School during the year. I am so excited to transition over to the role of Fine Arts Department Head this summer! Before I learned that I was born to be a Champion, I worked as an art teacher and created ceramic pieces in my studio. I am so excited for the opportunity to share my love of the arts!

SPORTS – Rob McDonald: Hey everyone! My name is Rob, and I am at Texas State studying Recreation Administration. I’ll graduate after this summer working with Camp Champions. This will be my second year at camp, and I will be the Sports Department Head. I’m excited to be at sports all day, every day, and get to help all the campers learn new skills, new sports, and have a blast!


HEAD VIDEOGRAPHER – Nathan Cochran: Hey there! My name is Nathan Sir, and I’m the videographer at Camp Champions. I am 26, I grew up in Illinois, and I love sitting out in the sun on a beautiful day. It’s my job to film you having a great time at camp, so if you see me with a camera, give me a wave and a smile! That way, you can look at the footage later when you get home and remember all the fun you had at camp. I’m excited for camp to start so I can start capturing all those great memories!

FIRST TIME CAMPER LEADER – Greg Golf: Hey folks! My name is Greg Golf and this summer I will be focused on 1st-year campers and special events. I am a senior at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and I am earning a Business degree with a focus in Entrepreneurship.This will be my 12th summer at camp, and I consider it one of the biggest defining parts of who I am today. I am excited to have fun in the sun with all of you awesome kids this summer!

FIRST TIME CAMPER ADMINISTRATION – Matt Holzinger: Well howdy there! My name is Matt (but everyone here calls me Zinger), and I’m a transplant from New Jersey. Before coming here to the heart of Texas to work with the ladies and gentlemen at camp, I worked at a camp that focused on kids with social learning disabilities for two summers. This will be my 3rd summer at Camp Champions and my first working as a part of our Administrative team, where I’ll be getting to know our 1st-year campers! I’ll also be helping to set up our special events here at camp. I’m excited to start meeting everyone and get the best summer ever underway, and begin making memories we can keep for a lifetime! We’re looking forward to meeting y’all!

ASSISTANT OFFICE MANAGER – Lizzy Breen: Hi, I’m Lizzy Breen and I’m so excited to join the Camp Champions team! I grew up in Georgetown, TX and I’m a proud Fightin’ Texas Aggie. I graduated from Texas A&M with a Bachelor’s of Science in Health and a minor in Youth Development, as well as a Master’s of Science in Recreation, Park & Tourism Sciences with an emphasis in Youth Development. I’m so honored to be able to contribute to the administration of camp. What I’m looking forward to most about being a part of this team is the fact that we are intentional about every aspect of the camp process to ensure each camper is a Champion. Let’s have an unforgettable 50th summer at camp!