Leah Mesches

Girls’ Camp Director, Leah Mesches, hails from Westfield, NJ. She has been a day camper, a sleep away camper and a counselor for both day and sleep away camps. Leah graduated from Northeastern University with a Business degree, but ultimately found the world of summer camp to be more appealing than a desk job in New York City. Before coming to Champions in 2009, she was assistant director of one of Pennsylvania’s largest residential camps in the Pocono Mountains.

She enjoys living in Austin with her husband, Robbie, daughter, Lola, and their dog, Lucy and spending her summers at camp. Leah Ma’am has been involved in the American Camp Association and served on the EPIC committee which promotes and supports the careers and professional education of developing camp professionals. Leah loves to spend time with the Girls’ Camp! When not practicing yoga, checking out live music, roaming the outdoors or searching for a good game of Scrabble, Leah is learning the correct usage of “y’all” (for a Yankee).