We Want To Partner With You

You know your child better than anyone. We understand the power of camp better than anyone.

Together, amazing growth can happen as we create a mutual investment in your child’s future.

Open Lines of Communication

We encourage you to share as much information with us as possible. We believe in honest and open communication. We will call you at the end of the first week to give you an update. We will encourage you to share your thoughts and concerns.

We Keep You Connected

We post photos and blog articles every day to help you understand your child’s experience. We were a pioneer of this idea, and were even featured in the Wall Street Journal way back in 1999. Is it easy to do this? No, but it is worth it to make sure that our parents feel connected to camp and their child’s experience.

Part of our partnership is the Four R’s: Responsibility, Respect, Reasonable Risks, and Reaching Out to Others—all of our campers know them. We share your values and believe that the Four R’s are a simple way to reinforce them while your child is at camp.

Let’s Work Together To Benefit Your Child

If you know your child better than anyone, and we know camps as well as anyone, we ought to be able to put our heads together to create the best possible experience for your child.

We would love for your child to experience what we do at Camp Champions, but we will also tell you if we think we are not the best camp option for you and your family.

Use the button below to schedule a 15-minute camper assessment to help us learn about your child’s skills and strengths, your goals for them at camp, and any concerns you might have about choosing the right camp. We can’t wait to talk to you!

The Barnacle Boy Story

We have one final example for you. “Barnacle Boy” is the story of an unusually homesick camper who grew tremendously because of a strong partnership that his mom was willing to make with us. We love the story because the mom and her son both turn out to be heroes.