We’re Different from Sports & Specialty Camps

We know that when it comes to selecting a camp for your child, you have a lot of choices.

Do we have a beautiful setting? Yes, but so do a lot of other camps. Great facilities? Sure – and perhaps the best waterfront in Texas – but you can find great facilities at other camps as well. These things are important, but they are not the heart of what we do.

We are uncompromising in our dedication to helping kids grow into CHAMPIONS.

What truly sets us apart is our drive to help kids learn what it is to live life as a CHAMPION: treating others with RESPECT, taking RESPONSIBILITY for their actions, taking RISKS that stretch themselves, and reaching out to others. We’ve built our entire program, the way we hire counselors, the criteria for every decision, on our desire to help kids grow into CHAMPIONS.

This is why, when you call our office at any time during the year, there’s sure to be someone who knows your son or daughter and who is excited to talk with you about him/her. This is why we spend so much time selecting just the right counselors, spend so much time getting to know our campers, spend so much time after the summer staying in contact with our campers through newsletters and reunions.

We want to be our campers’ biggest fans and cheerleaders – and we know that EVERY one of them has what it takes to become a CHAMPION.

It’s why campers keep coming back, year after year. It’s why we can prove such a valuable teammate for parents in helping their kids grow.

And it’s why we won’t ever stop improving, pushing the envelope, finding new ways to help kids grow into CHAMPIONS…