One Week?

We have a one week “starter term” designed especially for children finishing Kindergarten through 2nd grade called “Batter Up!” In this term we introduce campers to the traditions and activities of camp in an age-appropriate way that they love. We do not offer one week terms for older campers (3rd grade and older). The reason for this is simple.

The best camp experiences happen over time.

Typically, if a camper gets homesick, they’ll get over it by Wednesday or Thursday of the first week of camp, once they’ve gotten into a rhythm. If they attend for just 1 week, there is less time to really enjoy the camp activities and friendships.

We designed the Batter Up! program to avoid homesickness by providing almost constant activity, but this provides less time for self-discovery and relationship building – both critical aspects of the camp experience.

It’s no accident that the majority of our campers come for three weeks, and that a higher percentage of campers return year after year for our three-week terms.