Dates & Rates


Three Week Terms

Term Dates Fee Deposit
Triple 1 Sunday, June 4 – Saturday, June 24 $4495 $500
Triple 2 Sunday, June 25 – Saturday, July 15 $4495 $500
Triple 3 Sunday, July 16 – Saturday, Aug. 5 $4495 $500

*Open to children finishing Kindergarten through 12th grade.

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Two Week Terms

Our two-week terms at camp are known as “Double Plays". Double 3 and Double 4 are dedicated two week terms, and are available to campers who have completed 8th grade or younger before camp begins. The Double 1 and Double 2 terms occur during a regular 3-week term, so there are some restrictions and special guidelines for these two terms.

Term Dates Fee Deposit
Double 1 Sunday, June 4 – Saturday, June 17 $3425 $500
Double 2 Sunday, June 25- Saturday, July 8 $3425 $500

Double 1 & 2 are limited to first time campers finishing Kindergarten-4th grade who agree to extend the term to a third week if, during camp, both the camper and parent(s) decide this will be beneficial for the camper. The decision will be made during the camper’s second week of camp in consultation with senior leadership. Please see additional note below.

Term Dates Fee Deposit
Double 3 •• Sunday, July 16 – Saturday, July 29 $3425 $500
Double 4 •• Sunday, July 30 – Saturday, Aug. 12 $3425 $500

•• Double 3 & 4 are open to children finishing Kindergarten-8th grade. (Not limited to first time campers.)
•• First time campers at Camp Champions will receive a discount of $450 to the Double 4 Term (July 31-August 13).

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A Note About Double 1 & Double 2

Our first two “Double Play” terms are for first time campers for whom three weeks seems like a long time for a first time away from home experience.

The majority of campers attending for 2 weeks wish they had come the entire three weeks once they see how fun and exciting camp is.

Rather than committing to three weeks up front, we make it possible for Double 1 & Double 2 campers to stay the third week if they want to. With the permission of their parents, we talk to the campers and ask whether they want to stay the third and final week of the term. If the camper says “YES!” (which they often do) that camper gets to stay with their cabin for the rest of the term and enjoy the full, three week experience! If the camper says “No” or “Not this year”, that is no problem, and can still decide how long to come for the following year.

We do ask that parents leave the potential third week open so that it really is an option for the camper to extend and stay the third week. These terms are limited and we want to make sure that the extension option is available to campers who really are able to extend.

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Batter Up!

Our one week starter term is called “Batter Up!” This term is limited to our youngest campers and is meant to be an introduction and a step toward a full term at camp. Batter Up campers run on a modified schedule, but still get to experience many of the activities, the traditions, and the community of camp. Click below to learn more.

Term Dates Fee Deposit
Batter Up! 1 Sunday, June 18 – Saturday, June 24 $1730 $200
Batter Up! 2 Sunday, July 9 – Saturday, July 15 $1730 $200
Batter Up! 3 Sunday, July 30 – Saturday, Aug. 5 $1730 $200
Batter Up! 4 Sunday, Aug. 6 – Saturday, Aug. 12 $1730 $200

This introductory term is for campers finishing Kindergarten through 2nd grade. We do not offer one week terms for campers 3rd grade and older.

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Combination Terms

Term Dates Fee Deposit
Combo 6 Sunday, June 4 – Saturday, July 15 $7325 $700
Combo 5 Sunday, June 25- Saturday, July 29 $6525 $700
Combo 4 Sunday, July 16 – Saturday, Aug. 12 $4940 $700

*Open to children finishing Kindergarten through 12th grade.

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Camp Champions is a Great Value!

As you look at various camps and compare fees, we know that, although PRICE is important, great VALUE is even more important. Camp Champions is a great value for the experience your camper will get. Aside from the amazing activities and high-quality counselors, we include many other “extras” you’d pay additionally for at other camps.

Only a couple for selected special activities, and they are entirely optional. If your child wants to take Horseback Riding, Elite Tennis, or Elite Ski classes, there is an extra charge. These are specialized classes during which your child will receive advanced instruction instead of going to a regularly scheduled activity. Please feel free to give us a call if you would like to know more about these options.


The CAMParent section of our website keeps you in touch with what’s happening at camp, and it is provided with no strings attached! Pictures, articles and more while your camper is at Champions—it’s almost like going to camp with your child!

If that isn’t enough, you’ll also get an 8×10 cabin picture and portrait of your camper!


In the event of a cancellation, fees will be refunded according to the following schedule (deposit is non-refundable after February 1):
91 or more days prior to the first day of the term: 75% of tuition-less-deposit refunded
61-90 days prior to the first day of the term: 50% of tuition-less-deposit refunded
31-60 days prior to the first day of the term: 25% of tuition-less-deposit refunded
Less than 30 days prior to the first day of the term: We are unable to offer a refund.

The $500 deposit is fully refundable until November 1st, and half refundable until February 1st. After February 1st, the deposit may be carried over to the following summer only, and may not be transferred to siblings or other campers.

No discounts can be given for late arrivals or early departures.


Our camp store operates on the “Champ” system. Campers receive champs each week as part of the tuition that you pay. They get the opportunity to spend their Champs at our camp store, Kneeman Markus.

No need for money at camp – CHAMPS only!


Every camper receives one pair of shorts, and 2 t-shirts. Campers use these primarily for the yearbook pictures and for special events. They look great, and are fun to wear at home too!


Every camper receives a handsome hardcover yearbook (perhaps the most impressive camp yearbook in the country) as well as a DVD with footage from their term. The DVD is high-quality and a lot of fun, and the yearbook will be treasured for years to come!


We send every camper’s laundry out once a week to our laundry service. Clothes are washed, dried, folded and returned later that day.

Do items ever get mixed up? It happens occasionally, but for the most part the laundry service we use is exceptional. Any mixups that do occur are easily fixed if campers have their names marked in their clothes, so we certainly appreciate the effort from our parents to do so.