Batter Up

We absolutely love welcoming a group of young one week campers into our community at the end of each summer. Batter Up campers are fun, silly, and a joy to be around. Older campers will go out of their way to walk by Batter Up groups to give them a high five and make sure they are enjoying camp.

Batter Up is a little different than a normal camp term. We love offering a chance for K-2nd graders to come try an introductory camp term. It is a perfect way for some campers to “try” camp, and we want to make sure that parents understand what to expect so that you know whether Batter Up is the best session for your camper.

What To Expect

  • The best camper-counselor ratio. We know that younger campers need more attention than older campers, so the amount of children in Batter Up cabins is smaller than traditional cabins. We typically have somewhere between a 3:1 and a 4:1 ratio depending on the exact number of campers.
  • A slower-paced schedule. Little legs tend to move slower, so we give Batter Up campers more time between activities and more rest time during the day.
  • A chance to try most camp activities. Batter Up campers participate in most camp activities, but some of those are saved until they are a little bit older (no zip lining or Go Karts, for example). In an attempt to pack the best of a full camp term into one week, they get to do almost every activity once. Whether it’s learning to water ski or challenging themselves on the climbing wall, Batter Up campers love trying CC’s activities for the first time!
  • Special Events just for Batter Up. Batter Up campers get a few special evening events just to themselves. Some of these fun evening activities include making s’mores over a campfire, playing games at a carnival, and going on a “secret mission” to raid the camp slushy machine. To give Batter Up campers a taste of what it’s like to be at camp for a full term, they get to attend Torchlight and Dance Night on Wednesday evening with the rest of camp.

Is Batter Up The Right Choice For Your Camper?

Batter Up is a step toward a full term at camp, but we can’t fit every single thing into one week. Batter Up is an awesome experience for campers who want to “try” camp to get the hang of it.

If your child is on a competitive sports team or would want to participate in everything at camp, please call us so that we can discuss whether a full term would be a better option.

We can’t wait to see you for Batter Up!

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