Summer Camp Counselor Testimonials

Camp Counselors love working at Camp Champions. It is fun, who wouldn’t. But the level of commitment goes deeper. We believe that working as a camp counselor provides marketable skills that one will use throughout life. At Camp Champions we take care of our staff and work hard to develop your skills.

Longtime Camper and Counselor Testimonial – We got this in the spring before camp.

Thank You from a Counselor – Counselors find it difficult when they cannot return to camp, but this letter showed us how much it still means to them.

Never A Camper, But A 3 Year Counselor – This letter came the week before counselor orientation.

Law School Personal Statement – A former counselor used his experiences at camp to form his personal statement when applying to law school.

Email from Longtime Camper and Counselor – A counselor shared his thoughts with us and the new camp staff.

More Counselor Testimonials

“Hi Susie Ma’am! I hope your year has been going well. I know I said that I would keep you updated on how the law school process was going, so I just wanted to let you know how my decision is coming along. Camp is such a unique experience and I don’t think I would have the admissions and scholarship success I’m having right now without the admissions committees fully understanding how I’ve spent the past two summers. Thank you again for writing the letter of recommendation for me.”

2nd year counselor

“I am at work, it is just after 3am, and I am suddenly consumed by the thought of those days when I was gearing up for another CC summer.

Times have changed. I spent tonight teaching an intern how to intubate as a patient hemorrhaged from a tumor that had invaded their pulmonary artery. As the patient is bleeding and his oxygen saturations dropped to the 40’s, I tried to teach patience and technique while guiding the tube into the larynx. Only slightly different from the patience and technique required to really master that offside turn on the slalom ski.

I spent the next half hour looking over the new additions to the website. It really looks great and the new interactive map is awesome!

Needless to say, I really think of my time there as a very special time in my life and miss it greatly. I think the number of stories that start, “This one time at camp…” have only decreased slightly in the years since I have been gone. I don’t even think my job as a physician is as regularly fulfilling as the one as camp counselor."

Former Counselor

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