What Makes Camp Champions So Great?

A tradition of excellence since 1967, fantastic activities, and best-trained counselors are a few of the reasons that Camp Champions is consistently ranked among the top camps in the country, but what really sets our camp apart is the intentional community we create year after year.

We believe every child has an inner Champion, and we create a loving community in which every camper can flourish. Whether they realize it or not, we push every camper to grow in character skills like independence and confidence while they are at camp. And because there is an important niche in our community for every camper to fill, we are consistently told that our campers are free to discover “the best versions of themselves.”

We are as committed to children and their growth as any institution or program out there, and our community is the primary way we support campers in this goal. Of course, we wouldn’t be able to create such a community if we didn’t have such a blast every day at camp!

Our Mission

Our passion is to help EVERY camper grow into the CHAMPION God intends him or her to be.

You can’t understand Camp Champions until you understand our mission. This is what drives us. In all that we do, we try to help every camper grow into a CHAMPION!

We want our kids to learn to live lives of integrity, to get excited about serving others and about doing the right thing, all of the time, even when it’s hard.

Although we don’t promote a particular religious emphasis, the values we represent—through our activities, through our traditions, and especially through our people—are values that families from a host of different religious traditions can get excited about.

So with all this serious “mission” stuff, is camp still fun?

You bet! We can’t accomplish any of our goals without making sure camp is full of wild fun. But it’s fun WITH A PURPOSE. We want our kids to grow into true CHAMPIONS in life—to pursue big dreams, to serve others, to make a difference in the world around them.

The Best Role Models

Children will have role models. The critical question is “what kind of role models will they have?”

We never forget that we are in the role model business.

Children hear less of what we say, but see everything we do. Our actions and image stand large in our children’s life. All the prettiest words won’t help guide a child into adulthood like model behavior and positive reinforcement from a camp counselor.

Kids are looking at older children, teens, young adults and full grown adults all the time. They want a glimpse into the future. What will I be like? What will I be able to do? What will I dress like? What actions will I take? How will I treat others in my life?

These positive role models play an incredibly crucial role in the development of our children.

“I wanted to let you know that our 8 year old is a first time camper this summer. I initially had strong reservations about it. But after dropping her off, meeting her awesome counselors and seeing her cabin, I was thoroughly impressed and I left feeling relieved and confident in her ability to succeed and extremely impressed with the entire process. I just wanted to commend you, your family and this incredible camp and the outstanding job they do.”

Parent, Austin

You can have a great camp on an acre of asphalt if you have great counselors and role models.

Happily, we have so much more than an acre of asphalt, but we do always remember that counselor heroes and role models are the center of the camp experience. With this in mind, we do three things to assure that we have an exceptional staff.

We Hire Better

We visit dozens of the nation’s best college campuses and travel abroad to England, Scotland, and Australia to find the highest quality individuals we can. We don’t just hire people who are excited to spend a summer at camp, we hire the role models that your children will look up to and who help our campers grow into the champions they are intended to be.

We Train Better

Our orientation training before camp is the longest and most thorough of any camp that we know of. We bring counselors in two weeks ahead of time to bond as a team, learn about our mission, and provide the tools and knowledge they need to love your children and help our campers grow and acquire new skills.

We Hold Them to Higher Standards

We hold our staff to extremely high standards because our goal is to gather the most committed group of exceptional individuals every summer. The staff, partner families, and alumni are all a part of something bigger than ourselves. Our counselors and staff make the commitment not to drink each summer during the terms of their employment, not because we think it’s wrong, but because it helps us filter for people who really want to be here for the right reasons. That’s just one example of how we hold ourselves to higher standards so that we can continue our tradition of excellence.